Friday, August 20, 2010


We went to Ulm over Easter break. Miriam used to live there and she very kindly offered to take us around the town. There is Ulm, and then there is Neu-Ulm. One in Baden-Württemberg, the other in Bayern, which is an interesting way of doing things. 

The highlight of the town is the Münster, or church. It has the highest steeple in the world (I think), with 768 steps. We walked up all of them. I remember this all too well, because I don't like stairs. Definitely not a place for people that don't like heights or enclosed spaces. 

 Ulmer Münster, picture thanks to Adrian.

As expected, if you go far enough up, the view improves. Ulm is an old town, on the Danube, very pretty. 

 Ulm from above.

The architecture is a little different too. There seems to be a lot of water around, running into the Danube. I guess there's no reason why you can't build a house over the water.

 Waterfront views, Ulm-style.

Ulm is also the home of a few important people, or at least, has links to these people. Einstein and Kepler among those. 
 Albert Einstein and Johannes Kepler.

So that was Ulm, definitely worth a visit if passing through from Munich to western Germany.