Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday was my first full day in Heidelberg and it has been a good one. Heidelberg is famous for its castle, which although is in a state of ruin, still looks quite pretty, especially at night. Starting with the photos already...for those who are hassling!

This is the remainder of Christmas Markets, with part of the castle in the background. The moon was out and there was little cloud, so it was a bit cool standing around. 

This is the view of the castle from the old bridge. There are several bridges that cross the River Neckar that runs through Heidelberg, one of which is the "old" bridge. 

The archway on one side of the old bridge. 

Miscellaneous things

  • It's not really all that cold. The girls here wear what girls at home would wear in the middle of winter. That confuses me. 
  • Trying not to get run over, with cars traveling in the opposite direction. Look left first...
  • German bread is really everything it is made out to be. And yes, there are bread shops everywhere. 
  • Dogs don't feel the cold. They behave in the exact same way, as would Australian dogs do, even if it is 0 degrees outside. 
I do miss home and people, but it's a lot of fun here!


Clauds said...

I'm glad you're having some fun miss althie!! try not to eat too much bread :P

Anonymous said...

Okay well it has pretty much been cold, windy and rainy sometimes since you left. I thought it would be :)

Oh hey i've got something for you. Check your emoo (gmail) soon.

-- Johnny

Anonymous said...

Yay - I'm so happy for you doing this. Happy New Year!